My strenghts and weaknesses

Responsible and autonomous

In fact, at Epitech I had learned to be autonomous, because we should do alone: registration at Epitech, sign up our lessons, exams or projects, we need to organize our schedule and to make our projects in the allotted time and without teachers.

Responsable et autonome


Of course, it's the Epitech philosophy to work without teachers, so if we have a question, we will help each other between students of the same year or the upper years. And for the lessons, we have videos on our intranet and there is Google ( To revise us, there are students in upper years who are engaged by Epitech, to revise us and to answer our questions. But carefully, to answer questions, it's not giving the response, but we switch our searches on the good way for finding the best answer. Furthermore, I pay for my own education.



As I told you previously, I learned to code in HTML and CSS, alone in two days; I learn fast. Likewise, during my internship at Skappy, I worked almost completely alone, because my CTO often wasn't present. So I work to code in PHP, jQuery and Javascript almost alone. Furthermore, at Epitech, having small learning videos, we learn alone and fast because we have several projects at the same time and not much time to make these. I learn to work fast and to organize myself.


On time

We learn at Epitech to be on time same just has I was before. If we are late for an exam or interview, we will have the mark -21.


Rigorous and tidy

I am very rigorous in my work, I intend to think of all possible errors and I make very many tests to verify that my programs work correctly. At Epitech, we are forced to be rigorous, because if the corrector finds an error, we will have the mark 1,5. We need to be tidy, we lose points when our program is dirty.

Rigoureuse et soignée

Organized and friendly

I am not a leader, but I learn to work in groups at Epitech. We often make group projects at Epitech. Generally, group range from two to six people. The hardest aspects of the group are the organization and the communication, but my group and I always succeeded make a functional project. In the group, I often work Artificial Intelligence.

Organisée et aimable


I work very much, to finish a project on time, I don't count the hours. In fact, at Epitech, the deadlines are short and we need to work hard. Furthermore, during the first three weeks, we work from 8 am to 11 pm seven days per week. And each day, we must learn a new notion explain with an English video. We must turn in a lot of finished exercises at the end day. After, we have a mark every day.


Perseverance and patient

When I have an idea, it's very hard to change my opinion. So I always finish my projects. But if someone can prove that I made an error, I accept that.

Persévérante et patiente


I am shy (particularly at the beginning) but I arrive to communicate for my work. The only problem is my way to communicate. There is really clumsy. I do not always use the right words or the good way to tell things. That can be offended some people or can create a wrong understanding. I work on it to be best understood. Like I tell before, I am nice and I would not like never a conflict. I need just to learn to best communicate.


Despite, all the difficulties at Epitech, I obtain good marks at Epitech and I improve each day.