My career

High school and graduation

After my high school graduation in engineering, I decided to throw myself in computing, my passion. I started Epitech in Paris.

Epitech first year


During my first year at Epitech, I learnt to code in C, a basic computer programming.

Learning Web languages

Then, to find an internship in the second year of Epitech in the web domain, I taught myself to code in HTML and in CSS. In fact, I love the web, phone and video game domains. I would like to work in these domains later.

Internship at Skappy


I found my first internship for 3 months, from September 9th 2016 to December 2nd 2016, at Skappy. Skappy is a little company created by a sophrologist Laëtitia Heslouis and her goal is to create a web app to manage stress : So, I decided to participate in this creation. Due to this internship, I learnt new languages : PHP, Javascript and jQuery.

Epitech second year

During my second year at Epitech, I learned to code in C++. I also improved my English level and I learned SQL.

Epitech third year

My third year was difficult to attain. In fact, I was been operating and with my difficulties in English, I could not attain my third year immediately. I did a sabbatical year to improve my English and achieve the necessary level to my admission in the third year.

During this year, I work to YAIIS, a department of Ionis Group, which allow to follow the school payment of Epitech students and to manage the expense accounts. All is done with a web application that I have maintained and improve. I learned to code in Perl and Cakephp. I used PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL, Perl, Javascript, JQuery and Cakephp.

After, I was admitted in the third year where I learned Java, C# and ASP.Net. I also began my final project which will finish in fifth year. For this project, we are a group of six people and we are working with Occulus Rift (Virtual Reality helmets), C#, Electron, Javascript, Unity... I am working on the user experience in Virtual Reality with Unity, Occulus Rift and C#. I am working with a partner, Charles Deschamps. Our project involves creating a software allowing go from 2D architect drawing to 3D drawing to visit it in Virtual Reality.

Finally, I continued to work to YAIIS during my third year, then I admitted to my fourth year without problems.

Epitech fourth year

I was in Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur for one year in exchange program. I was at Unikl (Universiti of Kuala Lumpur) in Software Engineering Program. I arrived in July 2018 and I came back in July 2019. During this year, I had discovered a new culture, Asia and, of course, extended my knowledge in programming.

Current year : Epitech fifh year

Currently, I am in the Epitech fifth year. During this last year, I need to finish my final project. I have a part-time job from Monday to Wednesday for Sopra Steria, from September to February. I am in the transport department, where I am assigned to PROGRES project for SNCF. After, I will have an internship and I will be graduated !